Associazione Sportiva Roma

associazione-sportiva-romaA.S. Roma was founded in 1927. They usually play in a gold and red-purple shirt, representing the colours of the city of Rome (traditionally associated with the old Roman Empire). The club’s crest often features a wolf, symbolizing the she-wolf who nurtured infant brothers Romulus and Remus. According to Roman mythology, Romulus later killed Remus and became the first king of Rome.

Roma has won the Italian league Serie A three times. In the 2000-01 season, the club claimed the title in the final round of games after a 3-1 victory over Parma. Long-serving captain Francesco Totti lifted the trophy and was later credited with the Italian Footballer of the Year award. Since making his debut in the 1992-1993 season, Totti has played over 700 games for Roma, scoring more than 300 goals as both a striker and an attacking midfielder. Dubbed as “The King of Rome”, he remains a key part of the club in spite of his age.

Since 1953, Roma has shared their home ground with cross-town rivals Lazio. The derby games at Stadio Olimpico have often been a frantic display between the two clubs, involving everything from red cards to last-minute goals. Unsurprisingly, Totti is the player with most appearances and most scored goals in the Rome derby, also known in Italy as “Derby della Capitale”.

However, in late 2000 Roma announced plans to build a stadium of their own. Unlike the old Stadio Olimpico, the new “Stadio della Roma” will have no running tracks and will bring spectators closer to the pitch. While the oval design is thought to be inspired by the ancient Colosseum, the objective is rather to create a smaller and more intense stadium, much like the often packed stadiums in the English Premier League. Roma’s new stadium will be located in the western suburbs of Rome and is scheduled to open in 2019.

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