Here you will find a collection of articles about football clubs around the world. Football is the most popular sport in a lot of countries. The FIFA World Cup is the most widely watched sporting event of all, even surpassing the Olympic Games. The UEFA Champions League final between the two top clubs in Europe is usually the most watched sporting event of the year. Superstars such as Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are often ranked as the world’s most popular athletes as well as the best paid.

Along with the Champions League, the Premier League in England and Wales is considered to be the most competitive league in world football. Teams such as Manchester United, Arsenal and Liverpool have a mass following on social media, both locally and globally. The Premier league is broadcast to approximately 643 million homes in 212 territories, making it by far the world’s most watched sports league.

However, the Bundesliga in Germany is the world’s highest ranked league in terms of attendance. During the 2015-16 season, Bundesliga had an average of 43,309 fans per game, only matched by the American football league (NFL) in North America.

Traditionally, La Liga in Spain and Serie A in Italy have also been among the world’s top leagues, coinciding with the success of their national teams. With the ongoing shift in global economic power, newly founded competitions such as the Chinese Super League and the Indian Super League may well prove to be significant contributors to the future world of football.