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Women's Football Teams

The Success Of Women's Football Teams

For more than a hundred years, women’s football in England has shaped the sports industry and contributed to gender equality in the sport. Football may have been a man’s world in the past, but nowadays there is increasing popularity of female football players. From being only a hobby for wealthy women, it has now become a professional sport for women in England and all over the world. Here on our website, you can explore the beginnings of women’s efforts in the game and stay up-to-date with women’s football England fixtures.

You can keep track of the games and learn about the women’s football teams in the tournament. Let’s learn how women’s football was established and regulated and the popular teams that are formed today.

Womens Soccer Team
Womens Football Team Stretching

How The Women's Football England Team Started

In the 1900s, women’s football gained more popularity. However, it was banned by the men’s Football Association in the mid 20th century when crowds were more interested in seeing women’s games than men’s.

But with every effort of women rallying for the right to play, the Women’s Football Association was founded in 1969 and soon created the Women’s National League. Today, it is now known as the Women’s Premier League. Additionally, in 2008, the Women’s Super League was formed which comprises the best teams.

England's Most Popular Women's Football Clubs

Women have proven that they are no less than men when it comes to playing football. Women are strong and skilled and have portrayed great sportsmanship in the game. Over the years, this has eventually formed skilful football teams that are on par with international standards.

The Football Association Women’s Super League (FA WSL) in England currently has 12 top professional teams. Among the most well-known football teams according to fame and popularity are Liverpool F.C., Manchester United Women F.C., Manchester City Women F.C., Chelsea F.C., Arsenal Women F.C. and Everton Ladies F.C.


The Future Of Women's Football

Women’s football may have been in the top sports in recent years but will it be able to keep its increasing popularity in the next years? Indeed, it is still trying to survive and grow in numbers. Fortunately, the Women’s Football Association has already planned it out. Young girls are encouraged to play the sport at an early age in school.

Womens football england has established 200 SSE Wildcat Centres across the country. It is a network for 200 women’s football teams or clubs that can benefit from free football training every week for girls. Additionally, a professional coaching program called We Make Footballers was established which has coaching sessions exclusively for girls. This is only a fraction of the development of women’s football. As the game grows, so do the attendees and its players.