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Women’s Football Boots – Cardiff City LFC

Women's football boots

Do you know that there were 376 women’s football teams in the 2020-21 Women’s FA Cup? For a league whose highest tier was only established in 2010, it’s a huge leap. In the same season, 736 men’s teams participated in what was the 140th edition of the competition. In contrast, this was just the 51st season for ladies teams so there’s still a lot to be done to improve women’s football.

Football Boots for Women

While many top brands stock footwear tagged as “boots for women”, many of these shoes are all but scaled-down versions of shoes designed for men. Pure women’s football boots usually have narrower heels, a wider toe area, a different positioning for the studs, and distinctive inner padding designs. The design process is thorough and takes into account the mass and muscle disparities between men and women. Since many women prefer comfortable footwear while playing, ladies football boots feature uniquely cushioned insoles.

Women are in considerably greater danger of ACL damage according to studies. Given that such an injury can put a footballer out for a whole season, it’s important to invest more in ACL tear mitigation in women’s football. One way to achieve this is by advocating for boots specially made for women. Generally, women prefer shorter studs because they are firmer and more comfortable which can greatly reduce the risk of injury.

What Makes Women’s Footwear Unique?

Despite overwhelming reports confirming that men’s and women’s football shoes aren’t exactly the same, many shoemakers still don’t stock bespoke women’s boots. So what goes into crafting a boot that lady footballers would love? To start with, women’s football boots need to be lightweight. In addition, the need for comfort and a strong grip cannot be de-emphasized. So much so that some companies incorporate nano grip technology in ladies’ football shoes to improve stability and ease foot strain. Other manufacturers use special gel insoles to further improve comfort. The studs on women’s cleats also need to be shorter.

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