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Women’s Football Kits

Women's Football

During the early years, women’s football England was unheard of. Women were not allowed to set foot on a football pitch. Society at the time believed a woman’s place was definitely not on the pitch. The sport has embraced so many women and we have more than a million female football players in the U.K alone.

Kits For Female Players

Like any other sport, there are certain items or kits required to ensure maximum performance from the players. A basic female footballer’s kit includes the team jersey and shorts, a pair of football knee-length socks, and a pair of football boots also referred to as cleats. Female kits are very different from male kits. For example, some football players are Muslim, which requires their hijab to be part of the football kit.

Some very important kits also include a hand pump, for pumping air into the ball which also needs the ball pump needle. Players also need a safety kit that includes ankle braces, and shin guards. The team’s goalkeeper needs padded goalkeeper gloves for protection when the ball comes in contact with their palms.

Women In Football

Since the rest of the world is still a long way from accepting the fact that women can now play football, it has not been easy to acquire women’s football kits. Football is most popularly known for being a men’s game. This means that it is way easy to purchase or acquire men’s football kits as compared to their female counterparts.

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Women's Football

Women’s Football Kits

Women’s football kits shouldn’t have to be more expensive than male kits. We surely need to make female football a popular sport to ensure price balance.

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